"Well, what can I say….We’re not the suit and tie kind of people.  But  WE work  HARD,  get the job DONE,  and have FUN doing it…"

Shelly Jones, Bejeweled By Me CEO: “Karma Girl”

Shelly was raised in Pocatello, Idaho. She is happily married with four beautiful kids and one grandchild

She has a degree in Health Care Administration. Before embarking on this new adventure, Shelly was the administrator at one of two of her Assisted Living facilities caring for Alzheimer's/Dementia clients.

After 16 years of this, Shelly wanted a change. She sold one of her facilities and was ready for something new. Shelly attended a party for another party-plan company, spent a few hundred dollars, waited few weeks to get her merchandise, and sat looking at her new jewelry purchases.

After inspecting them, she took a necklace apart and thought “I can make that”.

After that, she was hooked -- buying beads, learning new techniques, and making her own jewelry. She thought, ” this would be great if more people could do this”.

Along came Stylish Jewelry. After a year of this new venture, we realized people didn't want to make their own creations. We came up with another concept and changed our name to Bejeweled By Me and added two collections: Bejoosa and Floating Lockets.  These collections are easy, affordable, and fun.

After some coaxing, she rallied her brother, Duane, to join the team. Together, with their strong moral and ethical values, they created what you see today.

We have now decided to focus on one Product, Bejoosa interchangeable snap jewelry. I LOVE it. Something for everyone.

“I want to bring the good ole way of doing business back, where people do what they say, call you back if they tell you they will, and quite frankly, have some integrity,” stated Shelly. They believe you can have fun and build solid relationships while making some extra income. “I want to give people an opportunity to LOVE their job and have FUN while having time to spend with their families,” added Shelly. Together we can bring integrity back into everyday business.

Oh Ya, I’m younger than Duane………


Duane Rawling, Director of Consultant Relations: “Darn Nice Guy.”

Duane was raised in Pocatello, Idaho. He has a wife and four wonderful, very active, children. He graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in pre-law. He began his working life in the Human Resource Managment world before spending 12 years working as an Investment Advisor.
Duane is also the Varsity Baseball Coach for Century High School in Pocatello, and has coached little league football and baseball in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area for 22 years.

Duane was also looking for a change in life. After realizing that the “dog-eat-dog” world of finance was taking too much of a toll, he took a year off of work and focused on his family and coaching kids. This is the time that his sister, Shelly, came to him with her idea for Stylish Jewelry Inc.

After listening to her idea, and many more conversations on how we could make this work, he decided to come on board. “It’s a great idea and one I think that, when people try it, will take off and help a lot of people,”says Duane. “I want to help build a company that wants to help its people strike that balance between work, family, and health.”

And, oh yeah, I’m not talking ages here, but someday when we meet you can decide who is older between us…....