heartIf you like our products,

heartlike fun,

heartand like money,

then join us as a Bejeweled By Me Consultant!

Share Bejeweled By Me with others, make some extra money (or start a new career), buy your own products at a discount, and have fun!

Bejeweled By Me is a new direct selling company, and you have an opportunity to join us at the start of our exciting journey!  We've been around for a couple of years, flying under the radar, and now we're re-launching with our new state-of-the art system that gives Bejeweled By Me Consultants the power and the tools to manage their businesses as professionals.


We are looking for Fun, Energetic, Passionate, Driven, Hard-Working People who like a challenge and would like to make a little money, or may even be looking for a new career -- but only if you like a Fun, Social environment that promotes Creativity and Teamwork.

Did we mention FUN? laugh

As an Independent Consultant with Bejeweled By Me, you choose how you want to run your business. We will provide you with the on-going training and support, as well as the latest in “Bejeweled By ME” jewelry products. You then take it and run. You can choose to work as a Consultant hosting parties and making up to 40-50% profit beginning with your first sale. Or you can build a team, become a leader, and create an ongoing stream of income while motivating and helping others.



"I JUST JOINED bejeweled by me and couldn't be more stoked!...
I was so excited seeing how fun and easy it was to make your own jewelry,
and better yet spreading the fun here where I live! THANK

ONLY $99.99*

Standard Kit:

2 (TWO) Bejoosa Necklaces
3 (THREE) Bejoosa Bracelets  (2 $10.00 $ 1 $5.00)
2 (TWO) Bejoosa Keychains (1 $10.00 & 1 $5.00)
1 Mini Snap jewelry
2 mini  snaps
1 (ONE) Bejoosa Ring
1(ONE) Bejoosa earring
30 Glass Snaps
10 metal Snap
Snap Display (may not be like picture)
Necklace Display

Education Materials

*A Value over $300.00


When you become a BejeweledByMe Consultant and purchase your enrollment kit,
you have a one-time opportunity to buy either our Bejoosa Basic or our Bejoosa Deluxe Kits (or both!) to help get your inventory started!

Basic Kits are $49.99 and Deluxe Kits are $99.99.

Bejoosa Basic:  2 Bracelets(10.00),2 Necklaces(10.00),12 Glass snaps, 10 metal snaps
Bejoosa Deluxe:  4 Bracelets, 4 necklaces, 24 Glass snaps, 20 Metal snaps, 1 ring, 1 keychain